• Posted by Emma Walsh
  • On 3rd October 2017

As a nurse, you know that one of the first things you learn to do (both in your degree and on the job) is being prepared for the unexpected. A difficult task, yes but one that many¬†nurses take in their stride. Being mentally prepared is a skill that one must learn but being physically prepared, well that's something that you can get a little bit of help with. We have compiled a list of six of the most important things you should have on you at all times as a general nurse - you'll thank us later!  

  1. Pen and paper
Yes, this may sound obvious but you'll be grateful that you've been reminded. You never know when you'll need stationary to take notes, record tasks and keep your daily routines and checks on record. You know that feeling of having a million and one things to do (of course you do if you're a nurse!)? Well being able to jot down tasks and other little nuances to remind yourself later will help rid yourself of that dreaded 'what next?' feeling. And you can never have enough pens, there's always someone who will forget theirs and nab yours ;)   2. Hand Sanitiser Although hand sanitising dispensers are usually quite plentiful in most medical institutions, it's no harm having your own pocket-sized one on hand to keep those germs at bay.   3. Snacks 12 hour shifts (and longer) definitely take some getting used to and one thing that you can be sure they do is zap your energy right away. Although there's no one-cure-fits-all approach to having bundles of energy on a half day shift, there's some things that can definitley ease the exhaustion. Having snacks on the go for those times when you haven't got a minute to yourself or you're just plain peckish between meals, will help keep your energy up and give you that kick you need to get through the day. Opt for healthy snacks like nuts and fruit to avoid that sluggish post-eating feeling.   4. Medical Gloves Hospitals are the cleanest places in the world, right?¬†Well as a nurse, you sometimes see the dirty sides like the unexpected bodily fluids - and you'll have to be the one to clean it up. Having a pair of medical gloves handy will be a lifesaver for those times you have to deal with dirt and mess.   5. Comfortable Nursing Shoes You'll never truly forget your first nursing shift. 12 hours on your feet and shoes that haven't been broken in yet - nightmare! Nothing will save you - and your tootsies - more on a long shift more than a comfortable, sturdy and reliable pair of shoes. They may not be fashion-forward but you'll be thanking your lucky stars for the comfort. For extra comfort, choose shoes with padded soles - or get yourself a great pair of padded insoles.   6. A Fob Watch Say no to wristwatches and yes to a fob watch! Having a watch will be very important for nursing but a fob watch will be your handy clip-on, hassle-free source of time. Unlike wristwatches which can get in the way when dealing with patients, fob watches are neat and compact - they also have less of a chance of spreading germs. Just be sure to get a watch with a second hand!  

The 6 Things You Should Have On You At All Times As A General Nurse