A Tradition of Excellence

Mater Private Healthcare Group

300 Consultants

At the Mater Private, we are proud to offer some of the most technologically advanced treatment options in the country and have pioneered many major developments in the delivery of healthcare in Ireland.

Our team of over 300 leading consultants bring their patients from all over the country to our facilities with the highest confidence in the standard of care we can offer.

Mater Private Healthcare Group includes – 2 hospitals located in Dublin and Cork, 2 advanced Cancer Centres in Limerick and Liverpool and a number of out-patient clinics in various locations throughout Ireland.

The Mater Private Hospital is the leading private Catholic hospital in Ireland. Founded in 1986, we are located on Eccles Street, Dublin 7, on campus with the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital. Our mission statement is “to continue the healing mission of Christ by providing the highest quality healthcare in an independent tertiary acute care facility, complementary to the services provided by the Mater Misericordiae Hospital”.

Mater Private provides a variety of services and procedures including: orthopaedic surgery, cardio-thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, general surgery, dermatology, dietetics, gynaecology, a sleep laboratory, oncology, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, rheumatology, cardiology, paediatric surgery, aviation medicine, ear, nose and throat surgery, ophthalmology, intensive care medicine and neurosurgery.

Our Values

  • Spirituality
    We endeavour to care for our patients in an holistic manner, respectful of their beliefs.
  • Excellence
    We are collectively responsible for our growth and success in everything we do.
  • Respect
    We protect and hold in esteem the dignity of patients, their loved ones and staff.
  • Compassion
    We create a caring environment where people feel accepted as they are.
  • Courage
    We face challenges with confidence and resolve.