There are 7 wards in the Mater Private – plus Intensive Care and all of their staff believe theirs is the best place to work.

They are Elizabeth’s, Benedict, Camillus, Our Lady’s, Teresa’s, Brigid’s, Joe’s, Intensive Care.

WARD: ST TERESA’S – Surgical Ward

group-2-teresasOUR TEAM

St Teresa’s ward is a 27- bedded medical surgical ward, which includes the paediatric services delivery. With significant links to both the Children’s University hospital, and Our Lady’s Hospital in Crumlin, the number of duel qualified nurses in the team testify to its longstanding reputation as a highly regarded place of work.


St Teresa’s ward is open six days and nights a week, treating surgeries in areas including neurosurgery, breast, bowel and urology, to frequent medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease and gerontology.

St Teresa’s ward also nurses paediatric patients, who are under the care of a designated paediatric nursing team.


In addition to the mandatory training in CPR and Manual handling, we also deliver our own intensive teaching on IV training, haemovigilance and infection control. Our staff are supported on an ongoing basis, with performance reviews, changes in nursing practice and quality improvement initiatives all utilised as new learning opportunities.


“It’s a good team, with a positive supported culture, and a fast paced service.”





In the ICU, we have a core team of highly skilled critical care nurses, all of which are have intensive ICU experience as well as ACLS training. Our unit is committed to delivering exceptional care, as reflected in the number of nurses going on to complete post graduate qualifications, including diplomas and masters in ICU specialities.


On our 9 – bedded ICU ward, we look after all patients requiring level 1 or level 2 support. This can include ventilation, inotropes and dialysis, as well as the treatment of surgical patients requiring critical attention. In addition, we also medically manage patients with all kinds of neurological, cardiac, immune, renal and other diseases.


We provide a thorough in-service teaching for our team including Infection Control, Haemovigilance and IV training prior to administration of intravenous medication. In addition, our Intensive care unit is accredited by University College Dublin for the post registration specialist course in critical care.

Our Intensive care training is flexible and ongoing, changing to reflect particular staff needs, new services, new procedures and equipment, and any changes in nursing practice.


“High quality nursing care is our priority, and we are frequently complimented by patients and relatives in relation to this.”




Liaising with every department in the hospital, the emergency unit consists of a dedicated team of emergency consultants, staff nurses and care assistants. Our nurses are highly skilled with post graduate qualifications including, masters in Nursing Clinical Practice and Post Graduate diplomas in Emergency Nursing.


The emergency department oversees a huge range of medical, surgical and orthopedic emergencies. We have 5 monitored cubicles, allowing for continuous cardiac monitoring, with one additionally equipped for arterial BP monitoring and waveform capnography. We also offer a fracture clinic 1 day a week. Our effective approach means most diagnostic investigations are carried out and reported on the same day.


We encourage excellence in our team, and so send our nurses away on a variety of study days in areas including advanced cardiac Life support, venepunture and cannulation, casting techniques and many more.

Every six months, we place a staff nurse on the NMBI accredited ‘Continuing Professional Development Emergency Course’ at the Mater Miseracordiae University Hospital.



OUR TEAMgroup-our-ladys

Our Lady’s ward is located on level 3, in the Mater Private hospital and provides exceptional service from multi-d
isciplinary team that consists of:

  • Specialist Orthopedic  & Spinal surgical Consultants
  • Motivated Nursing team
  • Dedicated Ward attendants
  • Ward clerks
  • Clinical facilitators
  • Excellent Orthopaedic Physiotherapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Dieticians
  • Social workers
  • Registrars


We deliver service to wide range of orthopaedic and spinal patients requiring procedures in view to relive pain, improve function, regain mobility and independence so that patients will be able to perform daily activities without pain such as walking, running, swimming, climbing and exercising.

  • Hip replacements
  • Knee Replacements
  • Lumbar & Decompression & Discectomy
  • Cervical Decompression & Discectomy
  • Lumbar & Cervical Fusion
  • Ankle Arthrodesis
  • Shoulder replacements


Nurse Managers:

Clinical Nurse Manager 2: (MSc in nursing science, advanced leadership)

Clinical Nurse Manager 1: (PGDip in Orthopaedic Nursing).

Nursing Staff:

Team of 24 staff nurses.

Nursing Qualification:

  • PGDip in orthopaedic Nursing
  • BSc Honors in Nursing Management
  • PG Certificate in Pain Management
  • BSc in Nursing

As managers we continuously support nurses in their professional development and promote learning environment on our lady’s ward. Staff can avail funding for various  orthopaedic and spinal courses or in nursing science.


Elizabeth, a Staff Nurse says ‘as a nurse working on our lady’s we would have a lot of autonomy in delivering safe quality care. There is an opportunity to work alongside with some of the top orthopaedic & neuro surgery consultants in the country and very young enthusiastic nursing team. From a professional development perspective it is important that we are  a part of centre of excellence’

Grace, an Adaptation Staff Nurse from Australia ‘I feel I am a part of the team, very welcomed from the beginning. All the staff are incredibly supportive and patient focused. My learning needs have been met and exceeded here and I am looking forward to work alongside the team’.

Josmy a Staff Nurse says ‘I Started in June 2015 and I get along very well with all my colleagues and are very supportive to new staff. I am happy to be a part of our Lady’s team. Mater Private has facilitated me to work on orthopaedic ward as I always wanted to be an Orthopaedic Nurse’.

Esnath a Staff Nurse it’s a great place to work and I have been working on our ladys ward for 10 years. I have achieved excellent professional development and full support is always available. It is a place were patient safety and quality is a priority’.

Stephanie a Clinical Nurse ManagerGreat place to work and I started has a new post graduate nurse through the post graduation programme and have progressed on to Clinical Nurse Manager 1 and also achieved PGDip in Orthopedic Nursing with support.