At the Mater Private, we pursue an exciting and challenging agenda
– investing in the right people is key.

Development & Management Programme

As an employee of the Mater Private you will have access to our in-house management development programme. Working with the Irish Management Institute, we have developed a comprehensive 12 month course to enable our staff to advance and realise their true potential.

Supporting Healthcare Professionals

The hospital offers financial assistance for career and professional development to support a wide variety of organisational priorities as well as personal development.

Supporting Nursing Professionals

The hospital provides financial support for nurses undertaking relevant courses across all specialties, and encourages attendance at relevant conferences and seminars. Study leave is given in line with HSE guidelines.

An Oncology Nursing Scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for oncology nurses to secure a full scholarship for a part-time MSc, or post-graduate programme at UCD School of Nursing.

Communications Skills Programme

Our communications programme is designed to enhance your communications and interpersonal skills in what can be a challenging environment. Whether it’s overcoming communication barriers or managing testing behaviours, our staff have the training and practise to positively impact the patient’s experience.